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The Bite-Sized Guide to Getting Right-Sized

Creating change one bite at a time

Now available at Barnes & Noble and for Nook!
Also available at Amazon and for Kindle!

How did I achieve and sustain my weight loss?

This is the question I am asked regularly!


When I set out on my personal weight loss journey, I did not intend to simply lose weight - I wanted to be healthy and feel better overall. It was important to me to set a good example for my family and patients. I knew I needed to educate myself on how best to take the weight off in a way that I could keep it off, not like previous efforts where I lost weight and then gained it back. I found that it would be critical for me to learn how to make these changes without feeling like I was sacrificing the happiness and comfort that food provided, and instead become comfortable maintaining my new habits.

As I found in my research, the psychology around my habits could play to my advantage in making the necessary lasting changes. In my book, the bite-sized guide to getting right-sized, I share what I learned about the difference that came with learning about the process of change, including the importance of vital behaviors, keystone habits, willpower and self-monitoring, the whole time developing a growth mindset.

Small manageable steps are the key to big changes in both our lifestyle and mindset
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