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 Learning about the process of change, as well as vital behaviors, keystone habits, willpower and self monitoring, the whole time developing  your growth mindset


Being overweight or obese comes with a set of both physical and mental challenges. Those challenges can hurt. Pain comes in the form of being self-conscious and uncomfortable.

The dread you feel when trying to find a seat you will fit in

Trying to ignore people's reactions as you walk through the grocery store

Put off clothes shopping to avoid the embarrassment of nothing fitting you

Getting on an airplane and anticipating your seatmate's reaction

I understand the feeling because I have lived it. At my heaviest, I weighed 262 pounds. As an oncologist, I felt the shame of trying to improve the health of my patients, when I obviously was not taking care of myself.

When I made the decision to lose the weight, I also made a decision that I was not going to follow fad diets or restrictive eating plans. I wanted to understand the psychology and science behind losing weight and how to keep it off. What I discovered was...

Small manageable steps are the key to big changes.
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